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20 Days in Thailand From $2470

With its heavenly white-sand beaches, constant warm weather and delicious culinary delights, Thailand is every traveler’s Neverland. The combination of its beautiful nature and the constant, contagious laughter of its people make Thailand the perfect place to runaway to and never grow up. Whether you come for adventure, to chill and party or to practice yoga in paradise - Thailand will not disappoint!

20 Days on "The LTC" From $2740

Our LTC trip takes you on an action-packed adventure through Laos, Thailand and Cambodia that will give you a deeper understanding of the rich culture and tradition of each country. From the mysterious lost temples of Angkor Wat in Cambodia to the stunning countryside and rivers of Laos to the elephants, tigers and jungle hikes in Northern Thailand this trip lets you experience 3 countries in 1 epic adventure!

Yoga in Thailand From $

Joining us for One Love Yoga's epic escape means growing your practice, but also giving yourself time to relax, enjoy the surroundings and nourishing yourself in whatever way you need in the moment. If swaying in yourhammock with a good book and letting the day roll by is what you’re in for, then so be it. If you are up for a hike through the jungle, or swimming to a neighboring beach - you have the freedom to do that. Each day presents something new, and having 17 days means that you can tune into your breath, slow down and soak up each moment in a way that most of us have a hard time doing in our busy western lives.

Yoga in Nicaragua From $

Yoga and Surfing are well known for their "soul replenishing" attributes. So take it all in for 12 whole days of Central American beach paradise on our own little secluded beach. Private waves and yoga platform are just seconds from your accommodations. Life will be simple here, so simple you won't want to leave!

Snow in Japan From $2590

Our winter Japan adventure will take us to the legendary resort town of NIseko which boasts the most consistent and deep powder in the world. Come experience the winter sport you love in one of the best places in the world to do it. Throw in a few days in Tokyo and we've got ourselves an amazing 12 Day travel experience.

What is a Flashpacker?

A Flashpacker is a 'backpacker" but with a slightly higher budget and is usually slightly older (30-45). These people still want adventure and off-the-beaten-path destinations (aka "the opposite of an all inclusive"); An authentic travel experience without the snores and shared showers of a dorm room or the sore back of sleeping in a bus!

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