Who is Epic Travels?

Epic Travels is a group of friends and family who all share a love of travelling. It all began back in 2000 when Curtis Smith, at the age of 20, decided that he wanted to share this love with other people looking for an eye-opening, safe, fun and adventurous travel experience - thus was born Free & Easy Traveler. Years later and Curtis' dream has expanded to offering trips in 17 different countries through F&E. 1000s of people have experienced the life-changing experience of travel through Free & Easy Traveler. As the company has grown into a successful travel brand for the 18 - 35 year old market, the owners have realized there is a void in the industry for those travellers who ready for a new adventure.

Over the years we have heard over and over - "I want to travel like that but I think I'm a little old for a Free & Easy trip. And, I definitely don't want to do an all inclusive trip!" Fair enough. Part of our successful recipe is to put people of a similar age range together. Thus we have Epic Travels! Shorter trip lengths, a higher standard of accommodation & travel...but that same epic experience & style which Free & Easy so successful in the some of the same amazing destinations. 


One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things." - Henry Miller

An Epic Travels adventure trip is more than just a holiday. We aim to provide you with a life-altering experience. With our adventure trips you will really get to know a particular country, appreciate the local people, and see and do things beyond your wildest dreams. We travel in a casual, unhurried fashion, and enjoy the good company of a fun group along with 2 easy-going leaders. Epic Travels is unlike any other travel company because the trip we provide consists of the best places we could find throughout our own extensive backpacking experiences. We bring you beyond the typical tourist trail and let you discover destinations that any solo traveler would love to find.

We create the ideal framework so you can find your own experience...

The object of our group adventure trip is not for us to outline what you will experience, but instead to help guide you in finding your own best trip possible. There is no daily scheduled itinerary, so you are free to make what you want out of each day. The only structured itinerary is one that outlines what days and times we travel to a new destination; but once we have arrived at the NEXT amazing spot, you are free to do as you choose. Without a set daily plan, you can relax, let your days unfold naturally, and discover that the best things always come from where you least expect them. The potential for good times is limitless (and never lacking). Having said that, the Epic Travel guides are always involved with the group, and looking to inject fun and inspiring elements into every step of the adventure trip. Our guides know the country and our destinations so intricately that we’ll show you the ins and outs and help you to discover a trip that is far beyond your greatest expectations. We’ve been to these spots so many times, and we know the best way to experience them. After traveling with us, you’ll gain a completely new perspective on how to travel anywhere!

A new way of thinking...

Epic Travel’s role is to set up the ideal framework of an epic travel experience. You have a group of friends and cool destinations without concerning yourself with demanding planning details, so you can relax, soak up the great things you encounter, and truly live the moment. We not only want to show you an amazing country; we want you to experience a new way of thinking. Travel has provided us with a new perspective, and the essence of Free & Easy is to share that with you. By traveling with Epic Travels you immediately become a member to this world of travel, and you’ll never look back. It is hard to explain it in words, but you can be sure that a week into one of our adventure trips, you’ll know that it was the right decision. Indulge in the kind of experience you only dream about. We believe the more you follow your dreams, the easier they’ll be to find.

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