12 Days of Winter Japan

Japan has long held fascination for travelers for its amazing cultural offerings - sushi, sumo, karate, geishas, samurais, bonsai trees, sake, ceremonies and shrines. Nowadays, its contemporary culture is just as influential on the world. A walk down the streets of Tokyo treats one to world class styles, clubs and cafes with arguably the coolest (and sometimes weirdest!) youth culture in the world. Those offerings aside, there is one thing that Japan is not as (yet) famous for in North America and that is POWDER!!! The snowfall in Japan rivals anywhere else in the world and in some areas it puts everywhere else to shame! It is deep! That’s why Epic Travels has decided to take a trip during the winter months because if there’s one thing we like as much as the beach....it is blasting through some powder on whatever device we feel like strapping to our feet.