20 Days in Laos, Thailand & Cambodia

The majority of travelers to SE Asia come for the unforgettable island experience in the south of Thailand. But once they’ve experienced the culture, climate, beautiful scenery and spoken with other travelers, they see that the region can be so much more than a beach paradise. For many people the next logical step is heading to either Northern Thailand, Laos or Cambodia – all of which offer mind blowing experiences which are quite different than what you will see on our Tour of Southern Thailand. 

There is as much beauty, chill atmosphere, awe-inspiring surroundings and adventure here as you will find anywhere in southern Thailand. This trip offers a deeper experience into the culture and traditional SE Asian lifestyle. At times it feels as though you have been taken back in time 50 years, or in the case of Angkor Wat in Cambodia – 1000 years! The Laos & Cambodia leg of the tour will give you a deeper appreciation of the South East Asian way of life and Northern Thailand will show you a completely new side to Thai culture.

We will be bamboo rafting, tubing, elephant trekking, busing, boating, flying and trekking our way through jungles, mountains, rivers, ancient cities, temples, tribal villages, Angkor Wat (one of the world’s great wonders), rural villages, Chiang Mai, Vang Vieng, Luang Prabang, Vientienne and an endless amount of other sights, sounds and tastes that will astound the senses. With all that action available we never forget this is a Free & Easy style trip, so there will be ample opportunity to sit back and take in these countries at your own pace.